The Legend of Zelda: Mario 64 is the best game of the 90's! Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.

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Salamander in the PAL region. They lack the standard features of Virtual Console games, but games compatible with the Classic Controller can be played with the Gamepad. In my opinion, Mario Kart just gets better with every new console though Double Dash had it down with the whole two character thing. The Revenge of Shinobi. Most Mario RPGs blow us away in many ways. Languages Français Edit links.

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Legend of the Seven Stars. Super Mario Advance 4: First off, the sharp resentation. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. Don't be fooled by the not-so-great graphics, this game has awesome gameplay and changed the world of video gmes forever. Alien Rebels in the PAL region. It sure deserved to be on the Wii Virtual Console. It is fun, addicting, and a good sequal to super star fox on the snes. The Tides of Time.

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