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Philosophers and religious adherents who aim to pattern their life after the Absolute reality sometimes claim to have experienced the Absolute. Studies in Comparative Religion. Laozi taught that the Tao was not only the ultimate reality but the ideal of human life. According to Mircea Eliade , the Absolute can be mediated or revealed through symbols. The Absolute might be 1 the first and greatest being, 2 not a being at all but the "ground" of being, or 3 both the ground of being and a being. He looked very sad and [ Abrahamic prophecy Aggadah Denominations Kabbalah Philosophy.

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Multiplica cada lado de la ecuación por el valor real. In conception one the Absolute is the most true and intelligible reality. It is truly amazing how something can be all there. However, a further distinction is made by Shankara:

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